These are actual testimonials from real A-Z Enterprises customers. We've been able to help these customers and they would like to let you know about the great service they have received!

"We had a rental house in San Ramon that we wanted to put it on the market, but it was in need of many repairs. I found A-Z Enterprises and they got all the jobs done in a timely manner and saved us quite a lot of money.  We were able to put the house on the market and sold it within two weeks of our listing. Thank you A-Z Enterprises!"

bullet "I was in need of a car and needed some help in finding the right car for me.  A friend told me about A-Z Enterprises and thought they might be able to help me with this purchase.  So I contacted them and they did all the research for me and assisted me on getting me a great deal on a 2001 Ford Taurus. I love my new vehicle!
bullet "We had found mold in the laundry room in our garage so we had called a company to remove it but they were very expensive and we didn't have the money to take care of the problem.  My friend at work told me about A-Z Enterprises and how they could help and save me money so I gave them a call. They came out that week and in a few hours they had removed the sheetrock, did all the repairs and cleaning and hauled it away at a cost of about $1000.00 less than the other company.  I would recommend this company to anyone in need of repairs to their home."
bullet A friend told me about A-Z Enterprises.  He said they could help me find a motor for my 1996 Ford Pickup.  So I got in touch with them and they did exactly that.  They found me the engine that I could afford and also got a company to install it for a reasonable price.  So I am very pleased with the service I received from A-Z Enterprises.  Thanks again!

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